Welcome to Light Bliss You!

Kevin Elbert, M.Ed., CHt.
Heart-Centered Clinical Hypnotist
Executive Success Coach
Lifespan Integration Practitioner
Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master
Ordained Minister, Spiritual Advisor

Mission Statement: The Mission of Light Bliss You! is to connect, encourage and illuminate Radiant Health, Grace and Ease for all, including highly sensitive people and the spiritually-minded.

Vision Statement: My clients and I live in alignment with our strengths, values and beliefs. We are gentle people of extraordinary spiritual insights, empathic abilities, and have life-affirming work, community, and friends. We live in abundance of Spirit's Grace, Peace and Love. We are honorable people with our heads, hands and hearts in harmony. We shimmer and shine for all to see as people who bear the Light of Spirit.

My Primary Values are: Honor, Gratitude, Affirmation, Play, and Radiant Health by attaining balance between Body, Mind and Spirit.

My Priorities are: Gentleness, Ease, Win-Win solutions, Self-care, Light, Bliss and YOU!

"It is Thy light which lives in every heart, and Thy light which illumines every soul. Nanak says, remember the Name of that One who is illuminating every soul. Every soul is illuminated by that One." ~ Snatam Kaur Khalsa

Below are some of the wonderful things that my clients have said about me.

"I am absolutely blown away by your ability to help me move through difficult situations. Your varied skills with so many things (The One Command, coaching, Reiki, etc.) makes you such an amazing guide. You re-frame my words and reflect back at me in ways that no one else has ever done. I went today from feeling splintered and chasing my tail, to feeling now like I'm reconnected with the Real Me. Interesting, huh? Before our session tonight, I was questioning the reality of Spirit and now I'm telling you that you've helped me find the Real Me! The Me that has been waiting for me to arrive and accept her fully. I am now whole and one, you took my doubt and turned it into light. I will be forever grateful for what you've gifted me with this night and last night (and the last few weeks). You took me through a process that is so powerful and so altering that I am still reeling in its beauty and simplicity. I love how you are gentle yet firm and you ask the right questions. You challenge me to move faster but let me know that it's okay to go slower if I want to. You never tell me what I should do, instead you help me figure out what I think I should be doing. You bring a confidence in yourself and in your work that makes me feel confident and secure in following your gentle guidance. You are a healer and you have helped me heal and I thank you." ~ Dawn, Washington

"This was a good experience. Kevin was very professional and knowledgeable. He spoke in a level soothing voice that was calming. Everything flowed so naturally. He never got stuck or at a loss for words. He knew exactly where to go, how, and why. I know as a life coach he will be encountering many new clients that he's never met before. I think he'll be good at it. As a new person to him myself, I felt like he connects with people easily. I also felt like I could say anything to him and he would be totally non judgmental. He did well leading me through the session. I really did feel different at the end. When he was doing the guided imagery I got a smile that popped on my face out of nowhere. I was so pleased with what I was hearing and feeling. This was a new and pleasant experience. I would definitely do it again and recommend him to anyone." ~ Danielle, Washington

"The journey you have taken me on is real and relevant to me. I cherish and savor every word you say to me. And I enjoy what you said about rewinding and finding the parents inside me to be good parents. A fresh start. I wish I could hear everything you told me today again right now. You transport me with your words and wisdom. Kevin, I imagine all who come in contact with you are happy they have done so. Thank you for helping me to see things from a better perspective. I appreciate you encouraging me to take care of myself and letting me recognize good feelings and experiences. You are a warm and special man and you have warmed me to my core and let me know that I am special, too. Your impact upon me is intense and palpable." ~ Jon, Virginia

"When we started our session yesterday I immediately felt comfortable talking to you. Your introduction of the One Command was easy to comprehend and the entire process you took me through had a gentle flow to it. Your voice was encouraging and I did not feel judged. By the end of our session I felt confident and motivated to take action. You are awesome at what you do. Best of luck with coaching. Thank you for the session." ~ Naiya, Oregon

"Recently, I was fortunate to experience a One Command coaching session with Kevin. This was an extraordinary experience in support, caring and compassion with a person who seems tailor-made for establishing trust and the realization of enhanced clarity. Kevin's soothing voice and non-judgmental demeanor allowed me the chance to express deep concerns in a very safe way. He guided me through a quagmire of confusion, listened so carefully and brought many questions into focus, allowing a forum and basis for personal movement toward lightness and solutions. What a stellar growth experience!" ~ Paula, Oregon